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Illegal subcontracting let Mr. Jung die

An electric worker’s death brings about rages of the labor

Lee Kkoch-mam, Reporter 11.22.2007

A Rally Denouncing the Ministry of Justice for the Fire in Yeosu Detention Center

"The Minister Must Resign! Close Down the Detention Centers!"

Byun Jeongpil, Reporter 02.15.2007

Minimum wage workers claimed for damage by Daewoo E&C for strikes

"We're not shaken by even 600 million Won"

Lee, Kkoch Mam, Reporter 02.15.2007

Mounting Resistance against "Super Power Samsung"

The First Successful Rally before the Samsung headquaters by Samsung S1 Workers' Solidarity

Choi Inhee 02.05.2007

This is the way of "Korean Democracy"(1)

Police kicking and beating demonstrators

This is the way of "Korean Democracy"(2)

Police assault on demonstrators with water canons, shields and sticks