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“Sexual Minorities Are Not Voters?”

Only three out of eleven candidates returned to the questionnaires of LGBT groups

Kim SamKwon, Reporter 12.21.2007

Ministry of Justice snatched and deported MTU leadership

Byun Jeongpil, Reporter 12.21.2007

Economy Takes Precedence over Human Rights?

“Homosexuality is a Sin, Burden over Companies” Vs. “Promoting Discrimination”

Kim SamKwon, Reporter 12.13.2007

A Son of the owner of a company at dispute set fire

The arsonist caught in the scene, was released without punishment

Lee Kkoch-mam, Reporter 12.13.2007

Can ‘Suspicion’ bring out inspection?

The Ministry of Justice revising the law on Immgration

Byun Jeongpil, Reporter 12.06.2007

Immigration’s Targeted Crackdown on MTU Leadership

MTU leadership including president arrested

Byun Jeongpil, Reporter 12.06.2007

Entire MTU leadership arrested

Reckless inequality: Dramatic arrests of Migrant Trade Union leadership highlight South Korea’s failed labour and migration policies

Jamie Doucette 12.04.2007
[field] and People’s Media chamsaesang fight together for freedom on the internet

[Public Notice] Presidential Election2007…Take Off the Curbs Binding the Net!

People’s Media Chamsaesang 11.29.2007

Leukemia in a Samsung Semiconductor Plant[1]

“In the past seven years 5 workers have met deaths including 23-year-old Hwang Yu-mi”

Choi In-hee, Reporter 11.29.2007

Lee Soseon, Martyr Jeon-Taeil's mother, criticized KCTU

in time of contiuous workers' deaths

Lee Kkoch-mam, Reporter 11.23.2007

This is the way of "Korean Democracy"(1)

Police kicking and beating demonstrators

This is the way of "Korean Democracy"(2)

Police assault on demonstrators with water canons, shields and sticks