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GM-Daewoo irregular workers' sit-in launched
demanding the reinstatement of 35 dismissed workers and the suspension of outside order
Choi In-hee
GM-Daewoo motors irregular worker's union, which is in difficulties due to company's trial to outside order, unstable employment and harsh oppression to the union has staged sit-in at a tent located in the opposite site of western gate of In-cheon Bupyeong GM-Daewoo Motors since the 30th of October night.

GM-Daewoo motors irregular worker's union hold a culture festival and set up a tent for sit-in from 5:30 pm, 30th of October with about 200 workers from NewCore-E Land union, Bupyeong-gu council irregular worker's branch in Incheon regional union, Construction worker's union- Incheon Branch.
GM-Daewoo company fired 35 unionist for the reason of outside order as soon as irregular worker's union was formed on last September and it has conciliated unionists to be employed in succession if they leave the union. There have been continuous conflicts between labor and capital such as company's blocking the entrance of union leaders, using violence on unionists when they hold campaigns and rallies, instead of collective negotiation between union and company.

Hwang-Hoin, vice president of GM-Daewoo motors irregular worker's union criticized "Here is GM-Daewoo motors which layed off 1700 workers in the past and have been recorded in the black , but still firing irregular workers. This society is the society making a martyr of worker", mentioning the a martyr, Jeong-Hejin who were an electrician in Incheon and burning himself to death on the 27th of October.
Min-Moonki, an electrician in Incheon and a unionist of construction worker's union said "We lost our co-worker in the 131th day of strike and did not sleep during recent 3 days, now we are out of our senses. I don't know what I can say" and "We have lodged complaints against companies violating the industrial security law, but government has ignored and remained indifferent... so did Jeong-hejin vent his pent-up anger?"

Min-Moonki explained situation at that moment "When some sound could be heard from behind, I turned around and saw the busting flames" and determined "By all means we will win and carry out martyr's will"
In the mean time, Nomoo team (labor section) of GM-Daewoo motors watched for unionists in the opposite site while the culture festival was holding and a tent for sit-in was setting up. Since GM-Daewoo motors has been very notorious for violent labor management to irregular workers, there is anxiety to be removed a tent for sit-in by force.

GM-Daewoo motors irregular worker's union had a time to share the recent struggle condition in Incheon region including Construction worker's union-Electricity branch through culture festival performed songs and films and has a plan to make a sit-in tent as a strongpoint and continue struggle. The president of GM-Daewoo motors irregular worker's union announced "we are demanding the reinstatement of dismissed workers and the suspension of outside order and will struggle to be recognized union by company.

translated by Seo Sun-young

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