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Lee Soseon, Martyr Jeon-Taeil's mother, criticized KCTU
in time of contiuous workers' deaths
Lee Kkoch-mam, Reporter
Lee-Seokhaeng, "We will show that country will be swayed when workers stop working"

In the 5th day since martyr Jeong-Haejin's self-immolation by fire, KTCU hold a press conference in front of Hangang Seong-Shim hospital which his body lies in and announced they will call the central executive committee meeting of KCTU for concrete struggle plan in the 2th of November and go on full-scale struggle.

Lee-Seokheang, the president of KCTU, appointed " In this year, 4 workers committed suicide by fire" and " It was happened because government did not hear the workers' voice who have struggled as security for their life" and announced " We will show that country will be swayed when workers stop working, and will march straightforward against capital and government"

Lee-Soseon," It's more miserable time than when my son Taeil died"

In this press conference, Lee-Soseon, the mother of Martyr Jeon-taeil who set fire to his body, shouting " Obey the labor standard law!", participated with pitiful mind.

Lee-Soseon said " It is really a matter for regret that workers choose dying even though I stressed the need of struggle instead of choosing dying.
"When my son, Teail died, people said that worker was human being and there were basic rights and human rights. More miserable time than 70th has come. The only difference from Park-Jeonghee's regime is not to steal the dead body. No, If they could do, they would have stolen." She said with a deep sigh.

" Who made electricity, who made houses, who made cars, who made asphalt car's moving on, who made clothes and who made shoes...It is deplorable that government ignore this country's development achieved by worker's blood and sweat, and members of parliament is just fighting each other without doing parliamentary inspection of the administration although people payed tax for right politics"

" This situation is coming from lack of workers' unity"

"In the morning when I came here, I heard one more worker had committed suicide by fire. I know it's not easy to unite but, his death was caused that workers didn't unite. Therefore, employers could say to workers 'Do what you want, but when you feel hungry, you will stop.' and they ignore workers saying 'Do what you want, but how many people will gather?' Until when, should workers die? As the mother of Jeon-taeil, I, Lee Soseon hope. Fight decently once again. Despite hardship, if we unite all together, there is nothing to be achieved"

Subsequently, she regretted that there was no press that had reported correctly even when workers set fire to their body by themselves. She hurled worlds of thunder at reporters participating the press conference "Don't you feel shame to carry the camera?"

"Reporting issues related with Lee-MyeongBak from 20 to 30 times a day, have you reported the story of workers feeling mortified and angry even one time? Don't you feel shame to carry the camera? Do you go for a dance or for a sightseeing? Is there even one reporter who can report the mortified and sorrowful mind of dead people in detail? When press stand up straight, politics can go straight and people can live well, but since press is crazy, all things are going to be crazy"

Finally, Lee-Soseon stressed "Don't die any more, instead, live and fight!"

"Don't die any more, instead, live and fight. And we will make the world where worker can live as a human being"

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