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"For the World without FTAs, Poverty, War and Discrimination"

WSF2008 Korean organizing committee declare Global Action Week

La Eunyoung, Reporter 01.28.2008

Organizing Committee for the WSF 2008- Global Days of Action & Mobilization in Korea got started

La Eunyoung, Reporter 01.23.2008

FTAs will bring the society in the Dead-Mire

KoA demanding stop Korea-EU FTA

La Eun-young, Reporter 11.22.2007

"FTA has already begun to change the Korean society"

Confernce: Changes that FTA will bring about in Korea

La Eun-young, Reporter 11.22.2007

Tragic Fire Highlights South Korea's Inhumane Treatment of Migrant Workers

Lee Seon ok & Robert Prey 03.09.2007

This is the way of "Korean Democracy"(1)

Police kicking and beating demonstrators

This is the way of "Korean Democracy"(2)

Police assault on demonstrators with water canons, shields and sticks