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"I hope my mother is proud of me"

[Life as the River Flows](9)Huang Xue Ying (Born in 1934, Perlis, Malaysia)

Agnes Khoo 09.09.2008

[AD]Film Screening and Discussion: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Venceremos 05.14.2008

A Daughter of a Guerrilla

Life as the River Flows](8)Siti Meriyam Binti Idris alias ATOM (Born in 1927, Malaysia)

Agnes Khoo 04.11.2008

[Contribution] A Turn in Taiwanese Politics: Toward What?

Hsin-Hsing Chen(Shih Hsin University, Taiwan) 04.07.2008

A Colourful Life

[Life as the River Flows](6) Guan Shui Lian (Born in 1946, Perak, Malaysia)

Agnes Khoo 03.10.2008

Brokers of migrant workers in Taiwan protest to secure profits

Coolloud 03.10.2008

Life As a Barefoot Doctor

[Life as the River Flows](5) Suria (Born in 1951, Thailand)

Agnes Khoo 03.03.2008

Following Mao's Instructions

[Life as the River Flows](4)LIN DONG (Born in 1944 in the tropical rainforest of the State of Selangor, Malaya)

Agnes Khoo 02.26.2008

Without Saying Good-bye...

[Life as the River Flows](3) LIN MEI (Born in 1937, Singapore)

Agnes Khoo 02.18.2008

"My toughness was borne out of necessity"

[Life as the River Flows](2) Chu Ling

Agnes Khoo 01.29.2008

This is the way of "Korean Democracy"(1)

Police kicking and beating demonstrators

This is the way of "Korean Democracy"(2)

Police assault on demonstrators with water canons, shields and sticks