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[AD]Film Screening and Discussion: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Currently in a world gripped by major social crises, Venezuela is standing up to the Washington Consensus in order to declare that there is an alternative and that another more humane world is possible.

The Venezuelan people, under the Hugo Chavez-led worker's government, have made massive gains in reducing poverty and exclusion through a revolutionary transformation of the political-economic model. This transformation is based upon the deepening consciousness of millions of ordinary people who are stepping into political life to rewrite and make their own history.

However, every step in this process of change has been met with fierce resistance by the Venezuelan elite and its backers in Washington. The most intense battle was the April 11 2002 coup, when the Venezuelan oligarchy and fascist military successfully overthrew the government only to be toppled 48 hours later through a worker-solider uprising.

'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised' amazingly captures the inside machinations of both the April Coup and the popular uprising to overthrow it in what has become a turning point in Latin American history and the struggle to build a better world.

On Sunday May 18th, 'Venceremos', a global solidarity network will present the documentary The Revolution Will Not Be Televised and discussion panel led by a special guest speaker from Venezuela in order to promote awareness and solidarity between people living in Korea and Venezuela. Are all welcome to join us in watching the film as well as the discussion afterwards.

Join the film screening and disscussion at 4 pm on 18th May at Mediact in Kwanghwamun!

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