The Fire on Dragon Hill

A fire soon engulfed the building. When the fire was finally extinguished at around 8 am that morning, six bodies were among the ashes; five protesters and one police officer. / Marco Giorgi

Mass movement halts the neo-liberal bulldozer

No one is sure how successful the movement will be in stopping the importation of American beef but it has certainly fractured the seemingly monolithic aura of President Lee ... / Chris Kerr

More than the milidary dictatorship?

Police, "we'll be back to the one of the 1980s"

A day before, the government threatened that it would mix tear gas with the water. it said there will be fluorescent materials in the water to figure out who participate in the rally. / People's Media Chamsesang

[Contribution] A Turn in Taiwanese Politics: Toward What?

The defeat is so devastating for the Democratic Progressive Party, which was born out of the democratic movement of the 1970s and ‘80s / Hsin-Hsing Chen(Shih Hsin University, Taiwan)

South Korea:The general election and left-wing politics

For the South Korean left, the April 9 general election was another fiasco following the presidential election last December, in which the election of Lee Myung-bak brought forth the return of the conservative government. / Won Youngsu

Brokers of migrant workers in Taiwan protest to secure profits

On Jan 28, protesters gathered round the CLA (Council of Labor Affairs); instead of angry unemployed laborers, they were brokers who have made bucks by "importing" migrant labors into Taiwan, protesting for their tarnished business by the "direct employment" policy implemented by the CLA. / Coolloud

"Why only Korea?" "If we do, US will do"

13 February, the Unification, Foreign Affairs and Trade Committee(UFATC) decided to bring up the 'Korea-US FTA proposal for ratification' for discussion and to relegate the proposal to the Legislation and Judiciary Committee after public hearings. / Kim Samkwon, Reporter

Newcore-E·Land Union, "Going to HongKong"

It has been passing for 8 months since Newcore and E-Land workers' struggle was started. Against massive lay-off caused by the enforcement of a bill on irregular workers / Lee Kkochmamm Reporter

This is the way of "Korean Democracy"(1)

Police kicking and beating demonstrators

This is the way of "Korean Democracy"(2)

Police assault on demonstrators with water canons, shields and sticks

More than the milidary dictatorship?

Police, "we'll be back to the one of the 1980s"

Taean covered with dead-shadow

A rally denouncing Samsung and calling for a special bill