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Sea of Black, Sindu_lee, Taean

People's Media Chamsaesang visited Sindu_lee, Wonbuk_myun, Taean, Chungnam which is terribly affected and threatened by crude oil leaks.
The sea covered by oil which was one of the most beautiful place in South Korea is now suffering from foul smell totally. Lives in the sea is dying from oil. People having lived with the sea seem to continue desolate lives. Cleaning up the oil will take long time and the amount of damages of ecosystem in the west-sea cannot be calculated by any measure.
Real editing time : December 17, 2007
Registration : January 28, 2008

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producing info

  • producing : People's Media Chamsesang
  • filming : Jo Jungmin, Choi Eunjung
  • editing : Choi Eunjung
  • english subtitle : Choi Eunjung, Byun Jeongpil
  • screening hour : 06' 40"

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