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The days after getting sack, from a City Authority

This is a record of irregular workers' 130 days struggle in Kwangju after getting sack from Kwangju City Authority. Those who occupied the lobby of the mayor's office a day before sacking were kicked out in the morning on 8th March. And they were fired collectively on 9th March. They've been fighting for 130days demanding reinstatement. They were irregular workers who just wanted to live as other people. This shows their struggle from the day before sacking to the struggle in June.
Real editing time : July 23, 2007
Registration : April 8, 2008

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producing info

  • producing : People's Media Chamsesang
  • filming : Kwangju Peoples' Action for Peace and Solidarity
  • editing : Jo Jungmin
  • english subtitle : Byun Jeongpil, Choi Eunjung
  • screening hour : 13' 38"

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